Fresh juices

Juice bar at your event - Freshly squeezed orange juice is a lovely addition to your event. Give your guests a healthy vitamin boost, and rent one of our juice bars!

Healthy choice
Healthy food and a conscious lifestyle are important to many people. People are becoming more and more aware of additives and refined sugars in their food and beverages. People make healthier choices, but unfortunately there are still plenty events where there simply are not any healthy alternatives to snacks or drinks. In a world where we are all trying to exceed expectations, you will set a new standard by serving fresh juices instead of soda beverages.

With one of Molotov Events’ juice bars you can enjoy your event carefree, while everything is arranged. You can count on our hospitable service, professional cooperation and of course the best fresh juices and smoothies.

Because all the orange juice is freshly squeezed on location, all the vitamins are preserved, and you will have an optimal flavor sensation- without any additives!  Pure pleasure!

The juices can be served from a package concept  including one of our stylish lounge bars, or we can be hired as an additional service to your booth or catering concept with hospitable personnel.  Together, we would love to make your event a great success!


Everything necessary for your eventcatering is completely taken care of. So feel free to contact us to discuss the wide variety of possibilities for your event!

We are gladly of service!

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Fresh juices at events
Fresh juices at events
Fresh juices at events
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