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If you take place at an exhibition, you are there with a reason. You want to get into contact with target customers, and create a specific appearance in your market.

The thing most exhibition visitors have in common, is that on average they would like a proper cup of coffee about 3 times a day. Imagine one of our baristas taking care of those needs on your booth. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to get in touch with your customers. Additionally it will generate a lot of traffic at your exhibition booth. After all, most conversations start over a good cup of coffee.

What can we provide?

Event abroad?

We are well experienced with providing catering services at international fairs and congresses. If necessary, specific arrangements and agreements will be made with your expo-builder to guarantee optimal service abroad. No matter what kind of catering service you choose, you can count on our excellent service.

Interesed in our exhibition catering?
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Coffee and cocktails at exhibitions
Coffee and cocktails at exhibitions
Coffee and cocktails at exhibitions
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