Festival cateringservice

Do you have a (music) festival coming up? In case we would gladly present our festivalcatering service to you.

Molotov Events offers multiple solutions from both mobile bars or pagoda tents, depending on your wishes. As a festival caterer we offer the following solutions:

Waffle catering
Delicious baked Belgian waffles with melted chocolate, cherries, whipped cream and icing sugar. Baked the traditional way, and served warm.

Quality coffee
 If your guests could choose between an automatically prepared cup of Joe or handmade espresso-based coffee with latte art and delicious garnishes, the choice is easily made: They are at a festival to enjoy their selves, so they will make the same choice for coffee. Enjoy!

A wide range and variety of delicious premix cocktails, served according to all the regulations set by our government. Quickly served, and great taste!

Frozen Yogurt
In trendy metropoles such as New York, Berlin, London the Frozen Yogurt is becoming a real trend. The new “FroYo” bars pop up on every street corner in the big city centers. Molotov Events would love to bring this tasty sensation  to your festival!

Interested in our festivalcatering?

Feel free to contact us for more information, or any questions, using whichever method best suited to you:

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coffee and cocktails at festivals
coffee and cocktails at festivals
coffee and cocktails at festivals
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